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  • The Results for the Dneail Census 2023 are in

    This year we ran the Dneail Census again to get an understanding of the people that use Dneail services.

  • DOT will cease operations

    DOT will transfer operations to Queye.

  • We are shutting Ohai down.

    After months of discussion, we have made the unfortunate decision to shut Ohai down. If you would like a copy of your data, please email us and we will get it to you. “It’s really sad to see it go. Ohai was our most popular service.” Ohai is also to blame for the outages across…

  • Introducing Queye 2.0

    Dneail announces a new Queye and retires Dash and Atlas.

  • We’ve decided to rethink

    It’s been a while since we posted on our blog. Since then, we’ve had many outages and we are working to fix all this. We also want to announce some changes to Dneail Stream. Not much will change but it’ll no longer be considered a “streaming service”, rather an archive of projects. We are also…

  • Thanks for everything, Blink!

    We have some bad news: we’re shutting down Blink. But we have a plan, which we will unveil at DLW23. So what happens now? If you host on Blink Domains, your hosting will expire by the next period. If your website is managed by Blink Domains, nothing will change. If you have a BNKI domain,…

  • So, what’s new?

    Well, we released some new stuff, so here they are: Dneail Cash Wait, seriously. You guys made a cash service. Yep! For those of you who don’t know, a cash service is a way for people to pay each other. And Dneail is stepping in. Dneail Cash is free to use and uses Rimes, a…

  • Introducing the Dneail Byte

    Happy New Year! We suggest reading this slowly, word by word. This is an announcement that will change what Dneail is, possibly forever. We won’t put any headings, we’ll just say it; the Dneail Byte. “What? What’s a Dneail Byte?” Good question! The Byte is Dneail’s re-entry into the hardware space. “Hardware?” Physical computers. Yep,…

  • Real Talk: We need your help

    Help us out. — TL;DR We’re asking you to make Transbanian content and put it on the wiki page so we can get an ISO code and complete our mission.

  • The Drop is here!

    “The Drop” – our latest release drop, is here.