Introducing Queye 2.0

You may have noticed that redirects you to a new website. Yep, that’s the new and improved Queye. But before we get into that, we need to say goodbye.

Goodbye to our old friend Dash and our not-so-old friend Atlas.

We are officially retiring Dash, The Dash AI Project and Dash Maps, in order to create a better Queye. Dash becomes Queye Voice, The Dash AI Project will become Queye AI and Dash Maps, although one of the best Dneail services, will become Queye Maps.

More on Queye Maps below.

Recently this year, we create Voy – a travel wiki designed to help travellers. After renaming it Voya and then Atlas, it became much more than a travel wiki. Atlas is now an umbrella company (or at least was). Now, Atlas will be giving all of its services to expand Queye. Starting May 20, the Atlas Wiki will be closed to new posts and new posts will be held in-house. With this, Atlas Weather, Atlas Times, Atlas Currency and Atlas Translator will become part of Queye Tools and Atlas Trips, Atlas Flights and Atlas Wiki will become part of Queye Travel. We are still deciding if we should retire some of the services, although that’s unlikely.

More info to come.

So, what’s new?

We were inspired by other search engines, like Yandex and Bing to create one home-page for you. You see, your browser probably has a dull and boring start page; the search engine’s logo, a search bar and some bookmarks on a single-colour background. We decided to add more. News, weather, time and search are all visible on Queye’s load.

Currently, the following services are available, but newer services will come in fast. Check for the latest updates:

Queye Maps

Essentially, Queye Maps is just Dash Maps but reimagined. We took the best from Dash Maps and engineered it into Queye Maps. A more vivid look makes it feel more welcoming and more refreshed.

We also took the best of Dash Maps and Maps Beta and put it right into Queye.

Queye Voice

Forged from Dash, Queye Voice is you way to search the internet by voice. It supports over 100 languages right from launch and is embedded directly into Queye.

Queye Voice has a nice overlay on the page to inform you when to speak what language to speak in.

Queye Tools

Queye Tools can help you with your search. For example, if you search for the weather, you won’t need to find a website will weather info, it’s right there – front and centre.

Search for “time” and Queye will reply.

Currently, time, weather and a calculator are supported.

Final Notes

As we bring the pieces together, we want to thank you for your support. If you would to contribute to the cause, just but some Rimes on Ohai. It’s the easiest way to help!




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