DOT is finally launching 24/7 broadcasting

DOT Radio is here

DOT Radio is here! And its 24/7. You can tune on on Zeno or Dneail Stream. The station will provide music in English, Russian, French and more! Dneail has said that there are no ads right now but that might change.

Additionally, the service has auto DJ which will play during downtime.

DOT 24/7

DOT TV is going to be 24/7! Unlike, DOT Radio which is already live, this change is coming sometime at the end of October-start of November. It will begin with a multi-hour broadcast while we tinker some stuff. Updates soon.

New website

Of course, this update can’t be complete without a new website which offers Transbanian.

Thanks, TKS-TV!

A special thanks to TKS-TV for making all this happen!