The Drop is here!

So, anyways. The Drop is here and that means new things.

An all new Dneail Stream website

Yes, we know. Why did you make a new Dneail Stream website, the old one was fine!? But was it really? We took a dive in. We found that some browsers couldn’t properly display art, there was content all over the place and with our new Instant Upload feature, people found it messy. So we remade it! Our new con content page features just two major components; the media and the info. The media, displayed at the top, has beautiful rounded corners and even matches your browser’s default player. It also features a new feature we are proud to present; Backlight. With Backlight, the content seems to be larger than it actually is creating a grander watching experience! But on to our info. If you go to a TV show, you’ll find that it’s easier to navigate episodes. Just click a button and you are taken to the next episode or season! It also shows the title, description, rating and more on all content! Our homepage is much simpler. It shows 12 content recommendations, and a Direct button.

By the way, we have given names to each version of the Dneail Stream website: Proto (for the Dneail Red one), Classic (for the first one under the Dneail Stream name), Grand (for the one just before this) and Unbounded (for this update).

Check out this update at

The Transbanian “Graso” Fund

An exclusive fund for the makers of Transbanian content. Yes, you can get paid now! Learn more at

Dneail Surf 5

A new Smartbar, a redesigned concept and more. Learn more at


We are introducing a new DOT server, which is 10x more powerful and less likely to have downtime. All out channels, DOT Radio, DOT and our upcoming DOT TB (prev. DOT TN) will be hosted here.

A special thanks to all our DOT partners, the GCNews group and TKS-TV, for their everlasting support . It is greatly appreciated. Here’s to another great year, guys. 🥂

And some more stuff:

  • New Blink Plans
  • Updates to Dneail+
  • Dneail Stream Direct… 4??? (we’ve lost count)

Note: Some updates will come before the end of January 2023. Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah and a Joyous New Year! 🎄



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