Real Talk: We need your help

TL;DR We’re asking you to make Transbanian content and put it on the wiki page so we can get an ISO code and complete our mission.

For years, we’ve been perfecting Transbanian. It’s a language we are proud of and while some don’t like it, we really do. So today, we’re asking for your help. No, we don’t need donations (although that would help), we need you to make content. Yes, we need you to make something! Do what you want but please make it Transbanian.

Have a blog? Write an article about Transbanian.
Write stories? Write on in Transbanian.
Make movies? Make Transbanian subtitles.
We’ll even help you.

Why? We need an ISO code. This is what many systems use to tell if a language is a language. ISO is a database of all languages. That way, Transbanian can be seen by all!

And please put it on the wiki page. It’s useless if you don’t. We don’t need it on Dneail Stream although you could do that. Please spread the word. Help us make our dream a reality.