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  • The Dneail Corporation is no more.

    The Dneail Corporation merges into Queye.

  • Dneail Search is now Queye.

    This post was found without a date. The date listed is an estimate. Introducing Queye, the brand-new Dneail Search. Why did you switch it? On most browsers Dneail Search recommendations would appear as “Dneail Search Search”. So we switched. Why “Queye”? The Transbanian word for “query”. New Logo

  • Dneail Search is faster than Google

    Dneail Search is faster than Google. One device. One query. We searched for “the time” on both Google and Dneail Search. Dneail Search found results in 0.065 seconds. Google in 2 seconds. Dneail Search wins. Use Dneail Search: