Dneail Studios’ Brand-New Short Film: Everything we Know

Today Dneail Studios, in cooperation with Queye Play announced Galaxies Beyond, a brand new film and released the first teaser trailer:

Along with that, Queye Play was officially announced as Queye’s media company – the successor to Dneail Stream.

The animated film is about a character named David finds a hidden stone and loses it, he must team up with Charlie – a celestial being – to find what he lost before the world is destroyed.

It stars the voice of Dneail himself and A.I.. It is written by Dneail and Kitsune.

The film will be available worldwide on YouTube, on March 27th, and Queye Play at a later date. The film will also be released by Queye Play Kazakhstan to Russia at a later date.

It is set to have subtitles available in multiple languages and may have dubbing in Russian and/or French.

The current running time is at least 8 minutes and is set to have a 9-12 minute runtime. It is really near completion.






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