Everything you need to know about Dneail’s release drop

Playbox 2, 2 Pro, Retro and VR

Dneail announced a Playbox 2 with a brand new design. Okay hope the design doesn’t my look great, it passes the test of being compact. The real design winner is the Playbox 2 Pro with a new stylish futuristic design. The big change with the 2 and 2 Pro is that it runs SteamOS, allowing you to play your Steam games on a tiny console. The Playbox Retro, however, remains with the same design and system. The VR version doesn’t have much info as off now.

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One of the cooler things is the new Dash virtual assistant. While Dneail has said Dash isn’t 100% complete, it has enough features for release. Dash is available on any Apple device with the Shortcuts app. To install Dash, visit https://www.dneail.com/dash and click “Install”. To find out what Dash can do, say “What can you do?” to Dash. 

Almas Post to the public

Coming a bit later, is Almas Post, which we be available to the public on the 14th. Almas Post uses different delivery partners to find the quickest and easiest option for you to deliver your parcels and also pays for it. It sends you an A4 sheet of paper to stick on your parcel and send it. Simple!

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Dneail Files and Daily

Dneail Files was announced, which is a cloud-based storage platform powered by Pydio. It has unlimited storage which is amazing since Google Drive just updated their service from unlimited to 15 GB. Daily (previously Meets) was finally released on http://daily.dneail.com

Final Notes

While we listed these releases there are more on the Dneail.com homepage.



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