Our latest release drop is here.

Dneail Domains

We’ve recently announced Dneail Domains and we’re here to tell you about it. It’s basically the best place to start making a website, no matter if you’re a beginner or have been making website since the dawn of time. There’s no watermarks and it’s free! 

We’ve also recently added more ending like .com, .net, .org and are the only place where you pay per month for a domain! Did we mention free hosting (forever), free SSL (forever) and more? No? Well it has that. And with a more securer Stripe gateway, making a domain is easier than ever!

Get started or learn more at https://domains.dneail.com.


We envisioned DOT in mid-2021 as an escape from reality into the world of movies. In late-2021, TKS-TV helped us get started. Today, we’d like to announce some new things:

First, we’ve made it easier and better to broadcast from the backend while maintaining higher quality.

We’ve also introduced a new logo and ads.

All of these can be found on DOT’s new website: https://watchdot.site.

Dneail.com 3.0

So, where is Dneail.com 3.0? We’ve decided to keep Dneail.com’s iconic look so we won’t be changing much. The current websites are a part of Dneail and we don’t want to abandon all that.

List of Announcements

March 1st
  • The Sonic Movie (Movie)
  • The Stickman Chronicles 2: Revenge of the Aliens (Games)
  • Resort S2 (TV)
  • The Answer: Lost Episodes (TV)
  • From The Top (Album)
  • Dneail Support (App, more apps may also come)

Thanks, everyone and we hope you utilise our new services!



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